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Basics can save your life

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Before warming up for parkour, I have found the following from my one and a half years of doing parkour to have been the most important things to keep in mind to reap the benefits fully. Parkour should not be done without a clear mind. Focus is as important as the reason one has to set out to do parkour in the first place. Secondly, safety is another important factor. One must assess their environment for anything that could serve as a potential threat to either immediate danger, potential danger, or security guards and some people (common sense danger). All of this assumes that one is trained for these necessary conditions. I think that being trained means to know one’s limitations and what one can do in a given environment. Parkour is equally also about adaptation, as the conditions of our environment will never stop changing. Even if one is skilled to perform a certain sequence of moves in usual, sunny and dry conditions, the same sequence of moves can be the worst idea ever if one hasn’t done the proper precautions and progressions that lead up to it. Parkour is a great way to exercise common sense and force one to continually be calm but focused in every situation. I find that this has a great carryover to just about every day-to-day situation. So long as I actually put in the conscious effort to do all the above, a path can be paved to optimize life to run into the minimum amount of obstacles, or at least lessen the burden to get as close to what you want from life as possible.