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Parkour is a very good potential hobby for virtually anyone that is from this planet and is not disabled from physcial movement of any type. Pakour allows one to explore the workings of one's inner functions. Everday, our hectic lifestyles drive us way from engaging with the delicate operations that our body does for us to keep us going. Often, we don't listen to our bodies much. Pakour is a physcially active and healthy way to just that, and benefit from a mental boost to improve concentration. In short, parkour is much like an an all-in-one package. Who could say no to at least trying parkour? Not only that, it can help you to be more noticed and thus, more popular, in your social circle! Who could say no to that?! At the end of the day, parkour is all about you, and doing what feels comfortable to you with your current skills and limitations. No one is able to clear a fifteen foot roof gap on their first try, and neither should you. Lastly, parkour enhances one's judgement and body coordination. These are the two most importat survival skills. Parkour, as one can conclude, is really an all-in-one package. There is no reason not to at least give a simple vault a try the next time you see one! You never know what you might get out of it until you try. This is what parkour is about.